What would you like to know about Fiona that you haven't already found out ?

Well, did you know that Fiona only ever worked for one photographer for all of her published work - yes everything that you have ever seen in "Voluptuous", "JUGGS", "D-Cup", "GENT", "Fiesta" and "Razzle" was all shot by the same photographer. The good news is that we have access to all of this content, and will shortly have a deal in place to release even the unused shots from the magazine shoots for you.

Despite any rumours that you may have heard (or any hopes that you may have had !), Fiona was never photographed or videod in any hardcore boy/girl scenes. The furthest that Fiona ever went in front of the camera is that horny scene with Gilly Sampson.

Fiona travelled regularly to Switzerland, where most of her material was shot - we even have the material from an unforgettable 2 hour shoot in the snow.

For those of you that haven't seen it, her Debut Video contains five scenes of Fiona enjoying herself in front of
the camera.

Fiona is not modelling at this time, but if she does return - you will get to know !